Kinesia Pilates Seattle

Kinesia Pilates Seattle

314 1st Ave S

(206) 580-3481


Monday - Thursday 7am - 7pm
Fri 7am - 4pm
Sat 7am - noon

A Little More About Us

Kinesia Pilates is committed to a physical culture of empowered mental and physical self-care using Pilates movement practice and MELT self-massage. The training and programming at Kinesia Pilates is designed to help you learn the skills and self-knowledge that empowers you to practice regularly from anywhere, so you can be in better control of your health and at your personal best as you move through life.

We offer personal training in private lessons, semi-privates, small group equipment and mat classes, team building events, and comprehensive lineage teacher training in Romana’s Pilates.

Stop by between noon-3pm on weekdays to say hi and see the space! You can also schedule a free 15-min consultation for details on getting started.