Getting Here

Getting To Pioneer Square

Parking In Pioneer Square


There are many ways to get to Pioneer Square. Just a few minutes from SODO, the Stadiums, Chinatown-International District, Seattle Waterfront and Downtown Core, the neighborhood is served by more modes of transportation than anywhere else in the city. You can  get to Pioneer Square by car, public transit and alternative modes of transportation such as rideshare, and bike/scooter share services. For an overview of all transportation options, view the map below. Keep scrolling on this page to see more info on your preferred mode of transportation.

If transit isn’t in the cards for you, where do you park your car? Check out mobile-friendly for parking locations throughout the neighborhood. Many of these parking garages have rates comparable or cheaper than on-street parking. Don’t know which parking garage to pick? Try the First & Columbia Garage to the north of the district, Stadium Place Garage to the south, or Butler Garage to the east. All range from $3-$4.50 an hour to park for up to 4 hours, and you’ll be coming through one of the gateways to the neighborhood. All of these garages feature ePark, a system that tells you if there is space before you even get into the garage!

Free Parking Saturdays

Park for free at the Butler Garage (114 James St) on Saturdays with proof of purchase from a Pioneer Square business.

Dates: 11a-8p on Saturday July 31-December 18*

To obtain free parking, simply check in with the garage parking attendent and let the know you're there to support Pioneer Square. The attendent will provide you a blank parking voucher. Go about your day in Pioneer Square, and when you depart the garage, provide the parking attendent the completed voucher and the reciept from your Pioneer Square purchase.

*Free Saturday pakring is not available on August 21 and August 28 2021.

Parking In Pioneer Square

Public Transportation

Pioneer Square is at the nexus of several transit options and is the one of the most walkable neighborhood in Seattle as reported by Walk Score. Stations, tunnels, terminals and stops act as gateways to the Square and are embedded throughout the neighborhood connecting you anywhere you need to go. It is our goal to make walking, biking, and riding transit your top travel choices. Navigate your way to this historic neighborhood via bus, train, light rail, streetcar, water Taxi or Ferry.

Parking In Pioneer Square

Alternative Transportation

Some of the perks of being part of major city is we attract private companies to help with our efforts of reducing our transit carbon footprint. Pioneer Square has carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing options available. 

Parking In Pioneer Square


Looking to stay overnight? Check in to one of our hotels found or See what unique spaces are popping up on the community marketplace and experience the neighborhood like a local.

Parking In Pioneer Square

Once You Get Here

Whether you drive yourself or choose another option for travel, the neighborhood is waiting for you to re-discover its storied streets. Search our calendar to find weekly events and scout your foodie destinations and be a part of the history of Seattle.