Peter Miller Books

Peter Miller Books

304 Alaskan Way South

(206) 441-4114


Monday - Saturday

10:00am - 6:00pm

A Little More About Us

At the front of the shop are design products, including fine pens and pencils, for both writing and drafting, glassware, table settings, Aalto stools, Stendig lamps, and two bright red Aalto benches. One wall displays our best selection of notebooks, pads, drawing paper and desk accessory. And another shows our choice of bags and briefcases and portfolios from Nava Milano. Some of our larger books and the rare or out-of-print titles are at the front desk. Our music is played via a Tivoli Networks internet radio, typically SR Klassiskt from Stockholm or Linas Jazz from Paris or Radio 6 Blues from Hilversum.

We will show you a sense of the shop in the website, in particular the new items. Call or email if you need more information but, best of all, try to come visit. We shall do our best to help.