Collins Pub

Collins Pub

524 2nd Ave

(206) 623-1016


Sunday-Saturday 11:30 am - 2:00 am

Family Friendly

A Little More About Us

2019 marks the 16th anniversary of the Collins pub! This milestone surely would have never been reached without the support and patronage of -- YOU! So first and foremost, a heartfelt thank you from myself and my family. I hope you have enjoyed the first seven years at collins as much as I have. Here's to many more pints at the pub. As for the place: we're doing pretty good. My philosophy of the business - your only as good as the people that you work with - has held the place in pretty good form. Long term co-workers Shawn Pummil, Erica Karnes, Deb Kapteyn, and other kick butt, hard working pub colleagues that share the love of good beer and good food - and manage to cook it right and get it to the table in good time - are real assets. I'm lucky to have the friends/coworkers I do at collins. In the past few years inevitable changes came. Opening chef (and dear friend) Addam Buzzalini could not stand to flip another burger, and, as we expected would happen eventually, moved on to an excellent French bistro on Capitol Hill called Cafe Presse, where his euro-uber detail and true French calling found a sense of place. With aspirations of someday opening his own place, he continues to hone and refine his already loaded culinary skill set. I hope anybody whoever enjoyed a brewers dinner or other good meal at collins join me in line when that place opens someday. Interim chef Daniel Glaser brought a new perspective, some solid management systems from his hotel and catering experience in San Antonio. But another corporate calling came, and Daniel moved on to Portland, where developing menus for upscale chain restaurants provided an irresistible challenge. Chef Erik Wood had a great stint at collins, further defining the gastro pub menu with emphasis on hearty game and progressive interpretations of country pub fare. Current chef Nicole Burrows is a rockstar! Never have I worked with someone as hardworking and business focused as she. She’s also just a damn good and creative cook! She’s a major foodie, and I really enjoy her sense of adventure. We talk food and eat out often, walk the stalls at the market or the farmers market for creative inspiration, and rabidly share a love for street food. She has become an excellent partner in this crazy business and I’m happy to have her here!