Book Signing: Throw Away Faces with Josef Olson

Book Signing: Throw Away Faces with Josef Olson


Sunday 03/24

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Book Signing: Throw Away Faces with Josef Olson

Author Josef Olsen will be reading an excerpt, answering questions, and signing his new book THROW AWAY FACES. A string of patricides rocks 1916 Dublin and a washed-up Scottish doctor receives a mysterious manuscript from a fellow Scotsman recounting his dark experiences in the pioneer city of Seattle in 1889. As the doctor reads the manuscript, he’s made aware the murders in Seattle are connected to those in Dublin and he and the author crossed paths many years before, and under tragic circumstances.

In Seattle, a tale of corruption and conspiracy unravels at the feet of a crazed serial killer hell-bent on halting historical progress. It’s just a matter of time before the city will burn. The doctor must decide if the author is an ally, or the killer himself, amidst an atmosphere of political instability and impending revolt. Throw Away Faces is a raw look into the abuse of power, the well of madness, and the inevitability of tragedy versus the power of redemption.

The event is free Books will cost $18 Purchase of books will get you $4 off the 6:00pm Pioneer Square Ghost Tour

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