Pamela Beer Artist Talk - Elemental Abstractions

Pamela Beer Artist Talk - Elemental Abstractions

Pamela Beer’s paintings are done on birch panel and are the result of mark-making and strategic placement of color between marks that result in an abstraction of her subject. Her mark making is experimental and achieved using a variety of textures, layers, glazes and opaque paint. Each piece is finished in gel, sanded, and finished with a buttery cold wax medium that provides an extra special surface. She states “I paint what my heart sees whether real or imagined, and sometimes I combine the two.” Her talk will discuss her new exhibit - Elemental Abstractions. Her works range from the solid feel of earthen rocks and soil, to cool refreshing water and the experience of flowing or exploding waterfalls, the wind in the trees on a warm summer's day, and the fire of passion as in a sloppy wet kiss.

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Lynn Hanson Gallery
312 S Washington St
Seattle, WA 98104


Saturday 03/09

2:45pm - 4:00pm


Monday, May 20




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