CONSTRUCTURE by Barbara Robertson

CONSTRUCTURE by Barbara Robertson

ZINC contemporary is proud to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Barbara Robertson. Robertson cites an early reverence for science, geometry and the natural world -drawing inspiration from repeating patterns that emerged from her grandmother’s quilt-making by hand – and signaling a universal order to her world. Raised in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri, the artist connects with the mathematics of natural objects and organic forms – finding balance and symbolism within the crystalline, cube, and columnar rock structures.

After moving to Seattle to earn her Master’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington, Robertson began noticing the disappearance of her new city’s architectural heritage – as it was swiftly replaced by industrialized slabs of steel and concrete. Her geometric, architectural-based 2D and 3D works and animated films, seek to respond to the role of the built environment – much as the centuries-old art and architectural movement of Constructivism once did. In fact, the artist finds many parallels between the technological progress that occurred after World War I, and our current detachment from the environment and motivation towards technological advancement.

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Thursday 02/07

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