Colors by Frankie Chapman

Colors by Frankie Chapman

As a scientist, an avid hiker and supporter of conservation efforts in the NW, Frankie feels art and science start with observation and are enhanced by curiosity and passion for the environment around us.  Her paintings are informed by the natural environment -- with the relationship between reality and imagination. A certain painting is a landscape, for example, but the landscape is not literal; it has been interpreted by imagination.  The show also includes abstract paintings that are influenced by the social landscape of our lives. Seeing the world through a person’s individual lenses does not always convey the entire picture.  There is a bigger story beyond the focal point of a painting, beyond the edges of the painting, and even beyond what is seen.

Lynn Hanson Gallery
312 S Washington St
Seattle, WA 98104


Thursday 12/06

5:00pm - 8:30pm


Sunday, May 19




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