FlannelJax's: Premier Axe Throwing & Lumberjack Sports

FlannelJax's: Premier Axe Throwing & Lumberjack Sports

315 2nd Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104



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A Little More About Us

Welcome to the Lumber Camp

FlannelJax's is more than just axe throwing, We offer a variety of competitive, social games designed to let you throwdown with a group of any size. Want to flex your competitive muscle? Just looking to have a fun night out? You won’t find a more exciting challenge. Feel the thrill of launching an axe end-over-end and watching it THWACK into a bullseye, and try your hand at our other Lumberjack Sports.

Perfect For Parties

Whether you just need a night out, are celebrating a birthday, or having a last hoorah with a bachelor/ette, FlannelJax's is a great time for groups of all sizes.

Extreme Team Building

Get to know your coworkers with some friendly competition at FlannelJax's. Clink your axes and cheer on your team through a variety of exciting, competitive challenges.

Axe Throwing

The staple of FlannelJax's and the most exhilarating competition around. Grab an axe and hurl it into a wood target. It’s easy to do but tough to master; but why not find out for yourself?

Thump the Stump

A game of precision and strength, gather your friends around the stump and try to hammer in your nail before anyone else. There’s just one catch… You use a hatchet.

Crosscut Sawing

It’s a race through a log! Grab a saw and compete solo or with a partner against the rest of your group.