Nordo's Culinarium

Nordo's Culinarium

109 S Main St

(206) 209-2002


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A Little More About Us

In 2009, Café Nordo launched a hybrid of the pop-up restaurant and underground theater. Relying on relationships with local farmers, ranchers, fisherman, composers, actors, and visual artists, Café Nordo serves up modern cuisine while thrilling audiences with the history, myth, science, and politics of food. Each show, performed at venues all over the Seattle area, has run for 6-8 weeks for an almost always sold-out crowd. Venues have ranged from the warehouse of a chocolate factory to a former museum and each has provided a unique backdrop for an immersive experience. Our audiences have enjoyed a 1960’s spy farce in a 737 headed for the Seattle World’s Fair where they learned the secrets of convenience food and the Green Revolution (To Savor Tomorrow,) learned the history of the cocktail in a jazzy speakeasy in the 1930’s (Sauced), and took a tour around Café Nordo’s timeless museum of food, eating each of five courses in a different local artist’s installation (Café Nordo’s Cabinet of Curiosities.) Awarded the Seattle Times’ prestigious Footlight Award for Excellence in Theater five years running, Café Nordo has become a Seattle institution now opening a permanent venue, Nordo’s Culinarium... a unique space dedicated to the convergence of food and art.

Café Nordo is part of Ripple Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. With a commitment to new and innovative storytelling, Ripple Productions seeks to push the boundaries of innovation by integrating the performing, culinary, and visual arts. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.