Café Nordo Presents: onērus

Café Nordo Presents: onērus

The year is 2046. Transparency, the technology allowing citizens to be connected to the cloud 24 hours a day through their brains, has rendered Cascadia incapable of dreaming. You have heard tell of the machines at onērus™, 100% organic dreams harvested from Deviants.

The day has arrived when your credit account reads ONĒRUS™ DREAM VIEWING AVAILABLE. You cash in your Credits™. What will real dreams taste like? onērus™. Featuring a cast including José Amador, Madison Jade Jones, Opal Peachey, Richard Nguyen Sloniker, Heather Refvem, Sharon Barto Gouran, Devin Bannon and Evan Mosher with an original score by Annastasia Workman.

Nordo's 10th original immersive theatrical dining experience created by Erin Brindley and Terry Podgorski, premieres this fall, and runs through November 19th.

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