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A Little More About Us

We believe that primal characteristics inspire deeper concepts for a space, the qualities of its furnishings, and its daily rituals. Because of this, we use words like hearth, retreat, community, and lair, to ascribe greater meaning to our work. Our aim is to design projects that embody the richness and beauty found in these words. It is through material, craft, furnishings, and art that we endeavor to create this beauty and, ultimately, a meaningful experience for the inhabitant.

With a strong background and education in both art and architecture, we offer a unique breadth of project understanding which becomes a guiding force on projects of all scales. We excel at providing a clear, rational understanding of architecture while simultaneously integrating material qualities, art, and furnishings within the overall design dialog so that each exist in harmony with the others.

We custom tailor our design approach for every client. With a small, dedicated staff, we are able to approach each new assignment with fresh eyes and an open and responsive attitude to the particular needs of the project. We identify the core issues and questions and establish a shared position from which we evaluate the design proposals.

In a search for an overall integrity of every space we are drawn to elegant lines and the harmonious integration of space, materials, color, light, furnishings, and art.

We recognize that the qualities of each space have the power to greatly impact the lives of its occupants. Even as we strive to balance budget, function, and aesthetics considerations, we endeavor to create beauty and, ultimately, a meaningful experience for the inhabitant.