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A Little More About Us

goCstudio is an innovative architecture and design studio founded by Jon Gentry and Aimée O'Carroll in 2012. We strive for design excellence in every project and bring an internationally diverse background of experiences to each endeavor. Our work is driven by our collaborative process, where we continually strive to respond to the specifics of each unique project rather than imposing a design style. We marvel at evolution and engage it as a metaphor for our design process, allowing ideas to mutate and drift, influenced by such forces as site specifics, client goals, project schedule, budget requirements, and fabrication methods. We believe that real growth and true creativity will only be born from a process that is responsive to these types of forces. The willingness to engage the criteria of each project leads us collectively to places we could not individually conceive.

With over a decade of combined experience on unique residential and commercial projects, construction, and product design, our work purposefully engages various scales with the same attitude and process. We delve into each project with intensity and focus. goCstudio endeavors to design and see(k); to discover by questioning.