Intrigue Chocolate Co.

Intrigue Chocolate Co.

157 S Jackson

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A Little More About Us

A simple chocolate ganache is at the heart of Intrigue. It is crafted from dark chocolate, fresh cream (or organic coconut milk), and all-natural flavor ingredients. Many flavors are only available seasonally as quality produce is available in farmers' markets or new spice shipments arrive at local shops. Some flavors only make a single appearance - ever!
Intrigue's truffles and truffle bars are best enjoyed without delay. Our ganache contains very little sugar, and no preservatives or altered fats. This is why they are so yummy and delicate. It is also why they need to be refrigerated and savored within one month.

Lightly dusted with cocoa, rich flavors unfold as the truffle melts, revealing the natural complexities of the chocolate. Take your time. Breathe. Let the chocolate tell its story.
Our truffles pair well with wine, coffee, tea, chai, craft beer, sake, fine liquors and liqueurs. For a luscious combination, pair them by matching characteristics that are alike. For an exciting combination, pair opposite characteristics. And to get the most from the experience, remember: Sip, Sip, Melt, Sip.

From farmer to botanist to brewer to baker to chocolate-truffle maker, the chocolatier's life has been an exploration of fine and simple things. Chef Aaron Barthel handcrafts small batches of ganache with care to coax every ingredient into telling its own story.

At Intrigue we celebrate discovery and encourage the habit of exploration, enrichment, and enjoyment. We want you to feel nurtured, edified, and inspired to share your experiences with others.

The Team
Aaron Barthel - Owner and Chocolatier
Karl Mueller - Owner and Marketer