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In business at its present location in Seattle, Washington since 1981, Flury & Company Ltd. has established itself as one of the leading galleries in the world dealing in the purchase and sale of Edward S. Curtis photographic works. Lois Flury, proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of Flury & Company, has many years of experience dealing in Edward Curtis' work and is considered an expert in the field. Ms. Flury was first introduced to Curtis' photographs during the revival of interest in his work that took place in the 1970s. In the Fall of 1972, while working as a contemporary art dealer in Austin, Texas, she was given the opportunity to purchase a group of Curtis' photogravures that had come from the Charles Lauriat Company collection in Boston, Massachusetts. She was immediately captivated by his images and began to research and collect his work with the assistance of her partner, James Flury. In the course of her research, Ms. Flury had the opportunity to meet some of the surviving members of Curtis' family, including three of his children, Harold, Florence and Billy. What she learned from the personal stories his children shared with her greatly broadened her knowledge of and respect for Curtis and his work. Ms. Flury has also been in contact with one of the daughters of Curtis' younger brother, Asahel. Ms. Flury purchased from her the collection of Edward Curtis' work that had been in Asahel's possession. In the mid 1970s Ms. Flury was fortunate enough to locate the individual who had purchased Edward Curtis' personal collection from his eldest daughter, Beth. She and James Flury gained exclusive rights to buy from this invaluable cache of material. It included photographs, photogravures, goldtones, manuscript materials, field notes, and other miscellaneous ephemera.

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