Che Sara Sara

Che Sara Sara is a 20-seat restaurant almost exclusively serving the food and wine of the Puglia region of Italy. This is one of the only mono, regional restaurants (of any type) in all of Seattle. Enjoy traditional dishes from Puglia, such as O recchiette Con Broccoli De Rape and stop by for l’aperitivo! What is l’aperitivo? It’s is an Italian ritual offered all day for $15 or just $9 at our 4:00 to 6:00 Happy Hour. L’aperitivo is all-inclusive with a glass of Prosecco wine or cocktail offered along with 5 complementary snacks. Snacks include things such as Italian olives, ciliegine mozzarella, Caprese with tomato and basil bruschetta, della casa grilled vegetables and potato chips. This makes for a short, civilized get together with a little something to eat and drink. You pay for the drink, but not the food. It’s all to enjoy fun conversation and customs Puglian-style. Stop on by and “what will be, will be.”

222 1ST AVE S

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 622-7688