Method Gallery

It might be easier to say what METHOD is not: It is not a commercial gallery.  It is not an on-site studio space. And it is not a cooperative gallery devoted to exhibiting members’ art, although its founders and curators — Mary Coss, Paul D. McKee and Paula Stokes — are established, working artists who will occasionally exhibit in the space.

But it is best to speak of METHOD in the positive, reflecting the affirmative goals of its founders:

METHOD is an exhibition space that enlivens the Northwest shoulder of the Tashiro Kaplan building, a hub of cultural activity on the edge of Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

METHOD is a collaborative, curatorial process that focuses on artistic processes.  It is a mode for gathering diverse artists together and offering them a means to exhibit their work to the public.

METHOD is a conduit for reciprocity and exchange, for developing relationships with other artists and organizations, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Out of their artistic and curatorial experiences — which led to many crossed paths — Coss, McKee, and Stokes identified a need for a new exhibition space in the spring of 2013.    A place where they could present exceptional, exploratory, challenging art that might not be seen in more traditional galleries.

METHOD is a means of transporting art from artists to the public.  METHOD art is characterized by processes of thought, action, and craft.  And above all, METHOD is an act of creativity.

106 3RD AVE S

Seattle, WA 98104


Friday - Saturday

12:00pm - 5:00pm

First Thursday Art Walk

5:00pm - 9:00pm