Growers Champagne and Dessert Wines

Growers Champagne and Dessert Wines


Sat Dec 14


It's that time of year again, when, as the saying goes, "the season is dark, and the weather is wet and cold, so we must warm ourselves from the inside." The delectable combination of French Champagne and Dessert Wines are made for just this time of year. For this unprecedented tasting event in Nordo's Cellar, we will revel in four Champagnes and two dessert wines, representing the finest categories of these wines. Our focus will be on "Gowers Champagne" producers, meaning those who own their own vineyards and do not purchase grapes or wine from any other producers. And once again, the dessert wines will be carefully selected to be as delicious as they are rare. This event was wildly popular every year so be sure to buy your tickets early! 21+ Doors: 7:30pm Tasting Begins: 8pm


------ DISCLAIMER --------- The Knife Room at Nordo is a historic underground venue that is only accessible by a staircase. We are working on options to make it more accessible (this is costly and difficult in a 125 year old building), and in the meantime apologize to those who cannot attend Knife Room events.