Cafe Nordo Presents: Lost Falls

Cafe Nordo Presents: Lost Falls

The murder of two chefs at a roadhouse on Highway 2 brings Special Agent Eliot Penn (Evan Mosher) to Lost Falls (pop. 2084) hot on the trail of the malevolent forces that threaten the fabric of America. Is it capitalism? Homogenization? That creepy beaver? Everyone is a suspect and nothing is what it seems as Nordo’s Culinarium transforms into the scene of the crime. Diners watch as interrogations unfold and reality bends in a show that is only slightly less surreal than the menu that accompanies it.

A savory mashed potato donut served with coffee gravy begins the dinner disguised as breakfast in Cafe Nordo’s most artistic menu to date. Award winning  composer Annastasia Workman has written a score that integrates Angelo Badalamenti style cool jazz and raucous roadhouse blues with Devin Bannon on lead vocals, Matt Manges on drums, and Dave Pascal on bass. Gregory Award Winner Ryan Higgins, Ayo Tushinde, Opal Peachey, Carol Thompson, Ronnie Hill, and Laura Dux round out the cast with Erin Brindley directing and designing the menu and Terry Podgorski writing the script and transforming the Culinarium into Nordo’s Hideout.

Since 2009, Café Nordo has created immersive, dining, theatrical experiences garnering cult followers and critical praise. In 2015 Cafe Nordo built Nordo’s Culinarium a permanent venue in Seattle’s Historic Pioneer Square dedicated to the innovative integration of performance and dining. Relying on relationships with local farmers, ranchers, fishermen, composers, actors, and visual artists, Café Nordo serves up modern surrealist cuisine while thrilling audiences with the history, myth, science, and politics of food.

Lost Falls runs April 20-June 25.

Cafe Nordo
109 S Main Street
Seattle, WA 98104


April 20 - June 25

8:00pm - 10:30pm


Saturday, February 24




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