A Gateway to Becoming a Wine Geek

A Gateway to Becoming a Wine Geek


Sat Jan 11


This will be a very personally curated tasting: choosing from a broad and diverse catalog of wines, Tom Hajduk will show you some of the most fascinating and engaging wines he has come across given his many years of working with wine. This tasting experience will be like accompanying Tom on a world tour, as you try selections from a range of the most extraordinary regions of winemaking. From exotic and elegant to funky and engaging, you'll taste a lineup that has no equal. For those of you who know Tom, you know what to expect. If you are new, welcome to the secret. 21+ Doors 7:30pm, Tasting starts 8:00pm http://bit.ly/2ndSaturdayWine13

------ DISCLAIMER --------- The Knife Room at Nordo is a historic underground venue that is only accessible by a staircase. We are working on options to make it more accessible (this is costly and difficult in a 125 year old building), and in the meantime apologize to those who cannot attend Knife Room events.