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100 photos from the collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin We are thrilled to present the multifaceted aspects of photography at the Bauhaus. Celebrate with us the exhibition opening of BAUHAUS.PHOTO on June 6, 2019, at Peter Miller Architecture & Design Books. The photographs will be on display until July 14, 2019. The Bauhaus, Germany's most important avant-garde art school of the twentieth century, is celebrating its centenary and the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin/Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin is sending 100 photographs on a journey to the United States. The exhibition provides a glimpse into the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus photography, comprising of more than 70,000 pictures. Photography played an important role at the Bauhaus from the start, both as amusement and in the experimental field, as well as for deliberate advertising the products manufactured there. Under the four headings of “The Bauhaus Lives,” “Architecture and Products,” “Bauhaus Faces,” and “Peterhans Photography Course,” the exhibition gives an impressive insight into many facets of Bauhaus photography and into the life of its students and instructors.

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