Sound Quiz: Urban Wildlife Quiz Night

Join KUOW for Sound Quiz! – a new fun, interactive live event where lucky audience members compete in rapid-fire trivia on SoundQs-inspired themes. Show off your knowledge, bring questions you’d like our experts to investigate and compete for the title of Sound Quiz Wiz! Each event YOU vote on what the theme of the show will be. For this Sound Quiz, the winning topic is "urban wildlife" AKA our non-human neighbors! Why do woodpeckers tap on the metal caps on chimneys? What animals should I really be worried about when I hike in Washington? Are cougars really following me? Can crows hold a grudge? Are we outnumbered by coyotes? Where did all these rabbits come from?! Come test your critter knowledge, ask burning questions about urban wildlife and compete for the title of Sound Quiz Wiz! Host: Zaki Hamid – director of community engagement, KUOW Wildlife experts: Lyanda Haupt – naturalist, master birder and author of Mozart’s Starling Katie Remine – science and conservation education supervisor, Woodland Park Zoo HOW SOUND QUIZ WORKS Each audience member writes down a question related to the night’s theme. For each round, the Sound Quiz host will pick two cards at random, and the authors of each card will come to the stage to compete in a round of trivia questions. The winner of each round will get to ask their question to our experts. After 4 rounds, we’ll crown our Sound Quiz Wiz! KUOW’s SoundQs team will investigate the winning question, and it could turn into a KUOW story. The Sound Quiz Wiz will also get a special prize. KUOW is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities at our events. To request disability accommodations, please email or call us at 206.221.7159 at least 10 days in advance of the event.

103 South Main Street


W / 7:30-9:30PM


Sunday, June 16




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