Haunted Tales from Merchant's Cafe

Join Spooked in Seattle for 90 minutes of haunted tales from Merchant’s Cafe and Saloon, Seattle’s oldest restaurant, and one of the city’s most haunted locations . Built following the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, Merchant’s Cafe and Saloon opened in 1890 and is one of the oldest operating restaurants at its original location in the Seattle area and possibly on the west coast. With its notorious history as a saloon, hotel, and even a brothel, this location reportedly has more than its share of ghostly inhabitants, and has been named one of the most haunted locations in America. Merchant’s has been featured on such TV series as “The Dead Files” and “When Ghosts Attack,” as well as being the feature attraction on the Spooked in Seattle tours. This storytelling event will also include some of the evidence collected on actual paranormal investigations, strange occurrences captured in photographs and security camera video, as well as some eye witness accounts from employees and individuals who have experienced some of the phenomena themselves. Tickets are $20 per person and space is limited. Appetizers and beverages will be available for purchase (NOT INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE). DATE: Saturday, June 22nd - 7:00pm LOCATION: Merchant’s Cafe and Saloon Underground Bar, 109 Yesler Way in Pioneer Square Please note this is not a tour, but a storytelling event.

109 Yesler Way


Sat / 7-8:30PM


Sunday, June 16




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