Bette Burgoyne Drawings

Bette Burgoyne Drawings

Zeitgeist Coffee is pleased to present drawings by artist Bette Burgoyne. This exhibition will be on view March 7th through April 3rd, 2019. The reception for this show will be part of the Pioneer Square First Thursday from 6 to 8pm, March 7th.

Bette’s abstract drawings are made using color pencils on color papers of various hues. Some are intensely saturated tones, while others are soft shades of pastel, each with a suggestion of the psychedelic. The uniquely framed pieces reveal their individual personalities with a depth of field effect like the view through a microscope lens. Biomorphic and evocative, her imagery is unmistakably feminine and infused with both floral and fungal elements. - Zeitgeist now serves beer and wine! Come visit us and enjoy a delicious coffee and choose from a selection of pastries, breakfast fare, and savory lunch menu items.

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Zeitgeist Coffee
171 S Jackson St
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Thursday 03/07

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Monday, May 20




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