FEVER DREAMS | new works by Sofia Arnold

Fever Dreams | new works by Sofia Arnold

 ZINC contemporary is excited to announce a solo exhibition of watercolor work by Sofia Arnold. Drawing from experiences and memories from having grown up as a daughter of 1970s “back to the landers” in unglaciated Southern Wisconsin, Sofia Arnold’s watercolors reflect a whimsical mishmash of intoxicated figures and foliage. She is obsessed with her former life that existed on the fringe of society oscillating between feral and civilized, savage and feminine. Her figures dance and interact with creatures and vegetation in the murky wooded countryside. They hauntingly emerge from behind trees and interact awkwardly with others. Working quickly, she uses a technique of wet-on-wet watercolors to create muted colors and lush dreamlike imagery. Her work plays on primal tensions of freedom in opposition to the suffocating nature of being trapped.

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ZINC Contemporary
119 Prefontaine Avenue S
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Sunday 11/18

11:00am - 4:00pm


Thursday, June 20




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