Manatsubi ☀ Eleanor Doughty paints Japan & Taiwan

Manatsubi ☀ Eleanor Doughty paints Japan & Taiwan

Eleanor spent two months painting her way through Japan and Taiwan this summer, capturing scenes of typical life and famous landmarks in these countries. Out of over 150 watercolors and drawings created on her trip, the best 20 will be displayed here. All the works were painted from life in Asia.

By immersing herself in one place for long periods of time and closely observing her surroundings on the street, details emerge out of the periphery, and moments of chaos and authenticity can be visually recorded. The artist strives to capture the unique feeling of the places she travels to - locally and internationally - and to share it with others, creating connections spanning space, time, and language.

Eleanor Doughty is a illustrator & up-and-coming artist based by Lake Union here in Seattle, with an affinity for architecture and urban scenery. She is a member of Seattle Urban Sketchers. See her work at or


Gary Manuel Salon
528 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


Thursday 11/01

5:00pm - 7:00pm


Thursday, June 20




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