Exhibitions: Mimi Ceryar-Fox and Phil Eidenberg-Noppe

Opening  Exhibitions: Mimi Ceryar-Fox and Phil Eidenberg-Noppe

Openings for Mimi Cernyar-Fox: Marine Birds in Decline, and Phil Eidenberg-Noppe: Skagit Palette, Color + Motion on First Thursday of July. Living near the mudflats on the Washington coast, Mimi Cernyar-Fox is immersed in the poetry of marine life. “Marine Birds in Decline,” a story from 2014 in the Seattle Times, prompted Mimi to use art to bring attention to the plight of beautiful shorebirds. Photography becomes painting in Phil Eidenberg-Noppe’s latest work: Skagit Palette: Color + Motion. Phil unlocks photographic creativity by breaking the sacred rules including focus, camera stability, and post-processing. Using the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley as his palette he transcends uncertainty to produce a vibrant body of abstract work reminiscent of the Color Field paintings of years ago.


Gallery 110
110 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104


Thursday 07/05

12:00pm - 8:00pm


Friday, November 16




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