The Undead Cabaret: The Great Seattle Fire of 1889

The Undead Cabaret: The Great Seattle Fire of 1889

THE UNDEAD CABARET presents: The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 It’s going to be hot! They’re back! The group that brought you “My Bloody Valentine” in February is ready to reveal their brand-new show and an all new night of dark twisted humor and music! This time it’s all about commemorating the Great Seattle Fire that burned our city to the ground one hundred and 29 years ago!

Told through song, dance, short film, and sketch comedy (sprinkled with actual Seattle history)-our troupe will guide you through this exploration of the fire that changed Seattle’s destiny. Set in the nooks and crannies of our underground haunt, our Macabaret will get you hot and bothered. It’s going to be a hot time in the old town! Our resident hottie, Satan, will be on hand to host the show and ask some fire-themed film trivia questions, where the winners will get prizes and the losers will burn for eternity in hellfire. *(Spooked in Seattle is not responsible for any burns or damnation that may occur) And since you’ll already be headed to Spooked for our unique variety show experience, why not take a ghost tour of Pioneer Square and learn all about its haunted history while you’re at? 


Spooked in Seattle
102 Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98104


Saturday 06/16

9:00pm - 11:00pm


Thursday, June 20




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