“Gentle Cravings” by Kelly Bjork

“Gentle Cravings” by Kelly Bjork


Thursday 05/03

5:00pm - 8:00pm

"Gentle Cravings" by Kelly Bjork

Kelly Bjork’s gouache paintings of bright, domestic interiors make you wish you lived in her world. Kitchens are filled with springy houseplants and squares of bright sunshine; living rooms are tidy, cheery and intentionally furnished; and every floor is clean enough to eat off of. ZINC contemporary is proud to present a solo exhibition of the Seattle-based painter’s gouache paintings on paper, as she continues her exploration of intimate moments between people and their domestic spaces, and between each other. Bjork renders everyday moments in precise pastels, capturing scenes between cohabiting couples or female friends-such as lounging in a sauna, napping, or knitting-and elevating them into carefully observed vignettes. In inviting us to enter her quotidian life as welcome observers, Bjork reminds us to stop and consider our own everyday moments and the significance and texture they bring to our lives.