Chef Dinner Series Vol. XXXVII | Alan & Claire of Honor Bar


E. Smith Mercantile welcomes chefs from around the globe for a very special one night culinary experience. The Merc is cleared and we set large family style tables to make way for multiple courses of chef magic.

E. Smith Mercantile welcomes chef/bartender duo from one of our favorite restaurants in the area, the Honor Bar. Proud to be Kitsap! Alan and wife/partner Jodi have the Honor Bar in the Manette area of Bremerton, where they call home. Outside of the regular nights of service they do occasional Sunday suppers that are off menu, multi-course events, as well as paella dinners and off site events.

Guest Chef Alan Davis: “I see things that interest me, and I try to put them together in a way that makes sense, tastes good and looks cool. It should go without saying that paying attention to seasonality, the region you’re in and enjoying making connections with the great folks that work their asses off growing and raising food near you should inspire what you do. I don’t tend to mess around with the ingredients too much. Nature seems to make its own best flourishes. Owning a restaurant makes you more well rounded, but I’m never more satisfied than when I have my hands in the food.” Guest Bartender Claire Kinzel: "Generally, I'm much more apt to talk about myself after a few cocktails, so it's no surprise that the social aspect is one of my favorite facets of tending bar. We gather over drinks to catch up, plan, commiserate, celebrate, break the ice, and the gamut of humanity in between. When creating a menu, I tend to stick with classics and swap ingredients for seasonality. I keep our bar stocked with familiar spirits, but continually layer in new items to keep things fresh. Whether preparing a classic or making something bespoke, it's a daily reward to forge connections with the people that come through our doors. Cheers"


E Smith Mercantile
208 1st Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98104


Sunday 05/06

6:00pm - 9:00pm


Sunday, June 16




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