Share the Square with Malcolm L. Edwards

Malcolm Edwards of Underground Gallery and Edwards Photography

Pioneer Square lays claim to many things: birthplace of Seattle and the first Art Walk in the nation, to name a couple. But perhaps there’s even more than meets the eye. When you take a moment to look closer you meet the people that makes Pioneer Square special.

Malcolm L. Edwards is the owner of both Edwards Photography and Underground Gallery in Pioneer Square. Working as a professional fine art photographer, he’s been in the neighborhood for 15 years. Located in the basement of the Grand Central Building, Malcolm is surrounded by artists such as Juan Alonso and Tai Designs and by booksellers, including the recently relocated Arundel Books. This unique space is a frequently overlooked gem in the heart of the neighborhood.

Although the location does not have a heavy amount of foot traffic, the shops do attract a number of visitors. The most interesting person who has ever visited his shop: “Gertrude, a 73 year old delight that posed nude for me for a book called I Am Me.” Mr. Edwards is still working on I Am Me, but examples of his current work can be viewed at the shop or on his website:

When customers ask for recommendations for other shops to visit in Pioneer Square, Mr. Edwards recommends Stonington Gallery on South Jackson Street. “Rumor has it a visit there is better than going to a museum,” says Edwards. Another favorite of Edwards was the recently departed Northwest Fine Woodworking, now located in the Belltown neighborhood.

When asked about his experience with being in Pioneer Square all this time, Malcolm says, “Any story about how rough it is in this area….simply not true. Open your heart and let us all in.”

Edwards Photography and the Underground Gallery are located at 214 1st Ave S, Seattle. For more information about his art, visit Driving directions can be found here

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  1. Lisa Powell says:

    Malcom- I’m so glad to see that you are still doing business locally. You did my nudes about ten years ago and it was a lovely experience. You might recall that I had some done with my AR-15 assault rifle? Anyway- listen my home burned to the ground last Friday and I lost my precious photos. Any chance you still have negatives? My name at that time was Lisa Endres. Please email or call @ 425-367-1619 asap. My heart hurts to have lost those.

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