Share the Square with Jerry Cooper

Jerry Cooper from One Color Photo Lab

Whether you need a touch-up on an old family photo or a high quality photographic print display, you’ll be glad to know about a 40-year veteran in photography and digital imaging in the neighborhood. Meet Jerry Cooper, owner of Color One Photo Lab.

Color One is the right place for photographic blow-ups, touch-ups, or restoration of ancient photos. Since 1983, Jerry and his team have made Color One a trusted place for photographic and large format printing.

“I was born at Harborview and rolled down the hill in diapers to this shop,” says Jerry. Jerry was inspired by photography ever since he saw his first glitzy magazine, and it eventually led him into the photo restoration business. One of the stories he tells his customers is a Christmas gift idea he came up with as a young man: After finding an old forgotten photo of his ancestors, Jerry dusted it off, framed it and gave it to his family. To this day, his family members display the photo as an heirloom. “Old photographs are the best gifts you can ever get,” he says.

A photo restoration shop seems like a perfect match for a place as historic as Pioneer Square. “Wyatt Earp didn’t visit my shop, however he did have a business at this location, circa 1902!” Jerry claims, referring to the old wild west gunman who ran a saloon at the Color One location during the Klondike Gold Rush. Fast forward to a time when photos are purposely aged with Instagram filters, Color One Photo Lab brings experience and charm to an overlooked but invaluable service. “We’re a bunch of old guys,” says Jerry, “but we’re a bunch of experienced guys.” With great pride in his team, Jerry believes that his staff consists of the best photo restoration technicians in town.

According to a Color One staff member, Jerry’s team consists of “the most wonderful people in the world!” Jerry and his staff have an obvious sense of humor, and their good cheer extends to the rest of the neighborhood. When customers ask for recommendations for other places to visit in Pioneer Square, Jerry usually mentions the Klondike National Historical Park Museum, and the home of United Parcel Service, which is marked by a pocket waterfall park.

We love having Color One in the neighborhood so much, it’d be hard to imagine what we’d do in a zombie apocalypse without it. We asked Jerry: If a customer came into your shop to buy something in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, happening tomorrow, what would you recommend they do? “I think I would recommend that Color One could build a larger than life photographic cut-out of their favorite super hero. This large cut-out could perhaps scare away any zombies when they approached.”

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2 Responses to Share the Square with Jerry Cooper

  1. Paul Campbell says:

    I have an old race car color photo that is kind of washed out and has streaks thru the colors where the paper once stuck to the glass frame. Could this be fixed? Thanks.

  2. Jerry Cooper says:

    Bring the photo by to our lab. 1/2 block south of the Smith Tower on 2nd avenue.
    We can then give you our appraisal as to what we could do for it, and how much it would cost.

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