Retail Now in Pioneer Square

Retail Now

The momentum is unmistakable.  The 1.65 billion dollar economy – fueled by tech and creative businesses filling the upper levels of Pioneer Square’s beautiful historic buildings – is growing.  Available office and residential spaces are scarce.  Hundreds of housing units are under construction, as well as the streetcar line from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill.  And while the work underway on the tunnel and viaduct may be challenging, our patience will be rewarded with a world-class waterfront.

Now it’s time for retail.

Karen True is the business development specialist and retail recruiter for The Alliance for Pioneer Square.  She works with landlords to get an understanding of their properties, then heads out to Seattle neighborhoods and beyond in search of compelling restaurants and shops to fill those spaces.  She invites prospective tenants to the neighborhood to walk the streets, peek in windows, and talk with other business owners.  Acting as matchmaker, Karen then makes introductions between prospective retailers and landlords.

Support continues as plans and negotiations evolve.  Introductions are made to lenders, relevant City departments, and retail experts.  The Alliance digs up neighborhood statistics and helps with press releases and promotion.  And once the doors are open, the Alliance continues its advocacy for the neighborhood with city, county, and state partners in issues of walkability, parking, and other policy and public works that impact the neighborhood and its businesses.

Do you know of a fabulous restaurant or shop that should be in Pioneer Square?  Karen welcomes every lead.  It’s time to make Pioneer Square the hub of fabulous food and retail that we all know it can be.

Karen True – karen[at] – 206-667-0687 ext 103

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2 Responses to Retail Now in Pioneer Square

  1. Melissa Kehl says:

    I am a shelter veterinarian in the planning phase of opening a small shop to highlight and adopt shelter pets while also selling backpacks and other bags with the brand name “misfits”. I am looking for approximately 1500 square feet with great foot traffic. The opening would not be planned until later this year.
    I just love Pioneer Square and would love to work there.

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