Real History. Real Art. Real Free Parking.


Visit the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square and park for free!* Select Pioneer Square garages will offer free parking between the hours of 5:00-10:00 PM.  Simply visit a restaurant, gallery, store or Milepost 31 in Pioneer Square to receive a voucher and hand it to the parking attendant when exiting the garage.

Participating Garages Include:

Frye Parking Garage – 117 3rd Ave S
Pioneer Square Garage – 74 S Jackson Street
Merrill Place Garage – 72 S King Street

Here’s the list of where you can get a free parking voucher:

  1. 1000 Museums
  2. 30 Day Art Challenge
  3. 4Culture
  4. Agate Designs
  5. ArtForte
  6. Arts Collective at the OK Hotel
  7. ArtXchange
  8. Azuma
  9. Core Gallery
  10. Cuttysark
  11. Davidson Galleries
  12. Delicatus
  13. Design Commision Gallery
  14. Distant Lands
  15. Edd Cox Fine Art
  16. Flury & Co.
  17. Foster/White Gallery
  18. G. Gibson Gallery
  19. Gallery 110
  20. Gallery IMA
  21. Glasshouse Studio
  22. Greg Kucera Gallery
  23. Grover/Thurston Gallery
  24. Hanson Scott Gallery
  25. Heart: The Gallery
  26. James Harris Gallery
  27. Juan Alonso Studio
  28. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
  29. Laguna Vintage Pottery
  30. Linda Hodges Gallery
  31. Milepost 31
  32. Olson Kundig [storefront]
  33. Ragazzi’s Flying Shuttle
  34. Room 104
  35. Sake Nomi
  36. Sanctuary Screenprinting/CMD*P
  37. SOIL
  38. Stacy Logan
  39. Stonington Gallery
  40. Studio 107
  41. The Belfry
  42. The Clothing Company
  43. Vintage & Moore
  44. Zeitgeist Coffee


*Free Parking from 5:00 – 10:00 PM on the following First Thursdays: November 1, December 6, February 7, March 7, April 4, or May 2. Free parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking facility participation may vary.

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3 Responses to Real History. Real Art. Real Free Parking.

  1. Lyn blizzard says:

    How much does it cost to park for the day on other days than first Thursday?

  2. Lyn blizzard says:

    How much does it cost to park for the day in or near Pioneer Square on days other than First Thursdays

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