Cosmos + Cocktails Inspiring Dreams Workshop

Cosmos + Cocktails Inspiring Dreams Workshop

If you want to learn to better capture and explore your dreams, further opening to the wisdom that they offer, join us for Inspiring Dreams, the latest in our Cosmos + Cocktails collaboration with astrologer and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing. Dreams are a powerful vehicle for self-inquiry and personal growth. They are a window to the subconscious mind that allows us to more clearly understand our hidden desires, fears, longings and emotions. Stephanie will share an array of approaches to help us better recall and understand our dreams. She'll provide us with healing insights from ancient dream temples, including the practice of dream incubation, and show how we can apply this wisdom to our modern lifestyle. She'll discuss self-care strategies—including flower essences, essential oils, and daily rituals—that can bolster sleep and dream work. Whether you actively work with your dreams or you have a hard time remembering them, you'll get insights and practical tips that inspire this realm of your life. To further our exploration into the dream realm, Stephanie will be joined by an ESM master cocktail to create vision enhancing cocktails and discuss the best spirit infusing herbs to calm the body, deepen sleep and inspire lucidness during your dream journeys. We welcome you to join us in the Back Bar before class should you desire. Please plan to arrive at least one hour before class begins to allow for meal and beverage service.

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E. Smith Mercantile
208 1st Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98104


Thursday 09/07

7:00m - 9:00pm


Wednesday, November 22




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