April Henry signs Count All Her Bones

April Henry signs Count All Her Bones

The launch event – the day before the pub date!!! We are so pleased!!!! Six months after seventeen-year-old Griffin Sawyer helped Cheyenne (who's blind) escape from his father, a criminal looking to dig into her family's deep pockets by holding her hostage, Roy Sawyer is awaiting trial. As Griffin prepares to testify against his dad, he and Cheyenne reconnect over the phone. They make plans to meet up in person, but when she gets there, Griffin's nowhere to be found. Instead, Cheyenne comes face to face with Roy's henchmen once again. Can she use her new skills and new confidence to free herself? And is Griffin a pawn—or a player? April Henry weaves another edge-of-your-seat thriller in this much-anticipated sequel to Girl, Stolen.


Seattle Mystery Bookshop
117 Cherry Street
Seattle, WA 98104


Monday 05/01

12:00pm - 1:00pm



Wednesday, December 13




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